Hops & Handlebars is a prostate cancer awareness fundraiser focused on engaging, uniting,  and educating the Sacramento community. We partner with local businesses and organizations to host events, raise money, spread awareness, and foster education about prostate cancer prevention, treatment, and support. At Hops & Handlebars, we are passionate about educating men and their families about prostate cancer.

Proceeds from Hops & Handlebars are donated to
ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer to benefit prostate cancer research, early detection, and patient support programs locally and nationally. 

Hops & Handlebars raises awareness about prostate cancer, educates men and families, and advances prostate cancer research by donating to ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer.

Interested in getting involved with the community and contributing more than just a monetary donation? Join our fan-'stache-tic group of volunteers!

We have partnered with ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer to help save lives, support research and new treatments, educate and test men, and unite the Sacramento community.

Every 18 minutes, a man dies from prostate cancer. That figure is unacceptable, considering that the disease has a 99% survival rate when caught early. But not enough men are getting tested, and one in nine men will suffer from the disease in his lifetime. With your help, we can fund critical programs that serve patients and their families. We'll advance research into new treatments and a cure. You'll help raise awareness and enable life-saving early detection.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are actively adjusting and adapting our fundraising and engagement approach. To help you and your loved ones, ZERO has resources to provide you with direct supportwebinars and educational resources specific to prostate cancer and COVID-19, and answers for frequently asked questions about the pandemic. We’re here to help you connect with others in the prostate cancer community during this crisis.

African American men are at an increased risk for developing prostate cancer over white men and other men of color. One in six African American men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime. Overall, African American men are 1.8 times more likely to be diagnosed with—and 2.2 times more likely to die from—prostate cancer than white men. African American men are also slightly more likely than white men to be diagnosed with advanced disease.

ZERO supports numerous activities to address the disparity of African American men and prostate cancer:

  • Working nationally on passing the PSA for HIM Act. Learn more.

  • Chapter directors work within communities across the US in partnership with black churches, fraternities and community organizations to provide free screenings, community health events, patient support and education resources.

  • In 2 regions in California, ZERO is a part of a working group to address disparities in prostate cancer screening and care. 

  • "Silent Killer- Prostate Cancer in the African American Community" documentary screenings - filmmaker turned ZERO champion, Landi Maduro created a documentary to address how black men are diagnosed more often and their cancer more aggressive. She followed 4 men to learn about their story and why, as a community, their statistics are stacked against them. View the trailer. 

  • Hosts webinars, blogs and fundraising campaigns centered around prostate cancer and the African American community.